iFatWallet 0.10 Finished, But Unable to Submit

When Apple announced their new Swift programming language, I was pretty pysched. Having learned Objective-C from scratch in February of 2009 when FroYoSoft was established, the age of the Apple-only programming language (which is older than me, incidentally) definitely shows. The syntax is something that isn't found in any of the other mainstream programming languages I have come across, but it was all one had to work with if one wanted to publish apps for iOS, and so I dealt with it.

Today, Objective-C has become rather familiar, but it's still a fairly significant shift from say Python, or C#, or Javascript. To accomplish larger scale apps today, it's necessary to use technologies from all different walks, and the constant context switching is taxing to say the least. Swift will do a lot to alleviate that pain point.

But enough about Swift, the point of this post is to announce that I have completed a 0.10 version of the iFatWallet app, of which there is a short description here. Unfortunately, it is written in Swift with Apple's XCode 6 Beta 2, which means I cannot submit the app until XCode 6 and Swift are out of beta. I only found this out after the app is completed and I tried to submit it to the App Store. Oh well, I'm a patient man and so we shall play the waiting game. =]More

Ventastic 0.1 Submitted to App Store

What is Ventastic?

Going along with our theme of VoIP apps, Ventastic is an iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) client for Ventrilo.

Why Ventastic?

Given that Ventrilo is still widely used in the gaming community, an affordable client for iOS does not exist at the time of this post. This is the niche that Ventastic would like to fill.

When and Where is Ventastic?

Ventastic was submitted to Apple for review a few days ago, so it should be uploaded live to the App Store within the next several days. The last app was approved within a week by Apple, but that was an update and not a full on new app, so this one may take a bit longer.

As always, thank you for choosing a FroYoSoft product, and if you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us.More

Ultimate Mafia v2 Released

Ultimate Mafia v2 has been released and approved by Apple.

v2 brings in many new features including:

  • animations and sounds for missions and fights

  • real time news, broadcasts, fights, and comments

  • special missions and boss fights, as well as boss loot drops

  • bonus items that can be equipped for boosts (eg. reduced energy timer)

  • real world land wars goes live with limited properties

  • hit up businesses regularly for income

  • redeem codes (follow us on twitter at http://twitter.com/UltimateMafia)

  • mission progress and updates

  • more weapons, armor, vehicles, and items

  • many more back end improvements

We strive to make Ultimate Mafia into a real MMORPG, as well as the premier mafia game on the iPhone platform. A big thank you goes out to all of our users who submitted bug reports and suggestions to help make Ultimate Mafia what it is today, and we look forward to continually improving as well as supporting our loyal players!More

Status: In Review... for 54 days?

Our app, Ultimate Mafia - Real World Land Wars has been in review for 54 days now. This is the amount of time it has taken from the last update we made to the submission, so the queue has not been reset and this is the amount of time it is taking for a single iteration of an Apple Reviewer to look at our app.

We have emailed Apple on multiple occasions, all of which were met with generic canned responses, and calls to them were redirected to the email address.

Is this experience normal? If all the app developers were aware of this from the very beginning, would they still make the decision to spend months after months of their hard work developing for the App Store?

PS. our other app, Winning 888, took approximately 42 days to be approved.More
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