VentMumble Beta Released

If you are reading this, it means you have been invited to test the initial beta launch of VentMumble.

What is VentMumble? It is an application that lets you connect to both Ventrilo and Mumble, without having to download two separate applications and get used to different interfaces. It also builds upon the feature set of both Ventrilo and Mumble, allowing users to do things that they otherwise wouldn't be able to, such as adjust individual user volumes in Mumble.

One common complaint from a user's perspective in today's fractured low latency voice communication market is that they have to download many different clients to connect to their favorite voice communication servers; not only that, one has to adjust to different user interfaces and get used to different configuration settings. VentMumble aims to be the application that solves that problem. No longer will you have to download both Ventrilo and Mumble to connect to their servers. Plus, enjoy the best of both worlds, like a modern and transparent overlay when connected to a Ventrilo server or adjustable individual user volumes when connected to a Mumble Server.

Being that this is the initial public beta release, you may encounter some bugs. Please feel free to report these by using the Contact Us form or emailing me directly at For those of you who are interested, if you are submitting bugs and otherwise helping to test and improve the program, you may be eligible to have your name mentioned in the about box. It should remain there for the foreseeable future.

Cheers, and happy VentMumbling!More
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