Ultimate Mafia v2 Released

Ultimate Mafia v2 has been released and approved by Apple.

v2 brings in many new features including:

  • animations and sounds for missions and fights

  • real time news, broadcasts, fights, and comments

  • special missions and boss fights, as well as boss loot drops

  • bonus items that can be equipped for boosts (eg. reduced energy timer)

  • real world land wars goes live with limited properties

  • hit up businesses regularly for income

  • redeem codes (follow us on twitter at http://twitter.com/UltimateMafia)

  • mission progress and updates

  • more weapons, armor, vehicles, and items

  • many more back end improvements

We strive to make Ultimate Mafia into a real MMORPG, as well as the premier mafia game on the iPhone platform. A big thank you goes out to all of our users who submitted bug reports and suggestions to help make Ultimate Mafia what it is today, and we look forward to continually improving as well as supporting our loyal players!


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