iFatWallet 0.10 Finished, But Unable to Submit

When Apple announced their new Swift programming language, I was pretty pysched. Having learned Objective-C from scratch in February of 2009 when FroYoSoft was established, the age of the Apple-only programming language (which is older than me, incidentally) definitely shows. The syntax is something that isn't found in any of the other mainstream programming languages I have come across, but it was all one had to work with if one wanted to publish apps for iOS, and so I dealt with it.

Today, Objective-C has become rather familiar, but it's still a fairly significant shift from say Python, or C#, or Javascript. To accomplish larger scale apps today, it's necessary to use technologies from all different walks, and the constant context switching is taxing to say the least. Swift will do a lot to alleviate that pain point.

But enough about Swift, the point of this post is to announce that I have completed a 0.10 version of the iFatWallet app, of which there is a short description here. Unfortunately, it is written in Swift with Apple's XCode 6 Beta 2, which means I cannot submit the app until XCode 6 and Swift are out of beta. I only found this out after the app is completed and I tried to submit it to the App Store. Oh well, I'm a patient man and so we shall play the waiting game. =]More
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