Agent Multitool

Agent Multitool - Clipboard History App With Perks

At the very basic level, Agent Multitool is a clipboard history app, giving you easy access to previously copied clipboard entries. But, it comes with perks. Agent Multitool will analyze the copied content, and based on that, offer you prepackaged actions that will speed up and optimize your workflows.

Currently, the app is able to recognize the following contents:

  • URL
  • IP Address
  • Domain Name
  • Email Address
  • Database Username
  • Password
  • Phone Number

For example, if you copied a web address URL, Agent Multitool will give you the following action options:

  • Open URL in your browser
  • Check SSL Shopper on domain (checks and gives details about the installed SSL certificate)
  • Check DNS Trails on domain (lists the current and previous IP addresses this domain has had)
  • Extract & paste domain with enter
  • Extract & paste
  • Dig any on domain (looks up the DNS records for a domain)

You may notice that some of these actions tend to be technical in nature and are related to web hosting. This is because the tool was conceived and used primarily while working as a technical support and customer service agent, hence the name. Currently, there are actions that will look up the current owner of an IP address, look up the WHOIS information of a domain name, automatically send a test email, open webmail and login, open phpMyAdmin and login, construct a MySQL connect command from a database username, add the necessary prefix to a phone number, just to name a few. You can certainly adapt and extend this tool with other actions that will speed up and optimize your worflows and frequently performed tasks. Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions that you may have.

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