Site Migration and Makeover Complete

The dedicated server on which runs has been upgraded for better and faster performance. Not that the site had performance problems before, but upgrading a dedicated server every 3 years seems like the wise thing to do. It's a bit of a hassle to migrate everything over manually, but it has made the system leaner by reducing the number of unneeded packages that were running.

The website also got a makeover, transitioning from a javascript heavy site over to a static (css/html) heavy site has made the site a lot easier to debug, and should be beneficial to web crawlers as well. Google come crawl our site! :) Anyway, hope you guys like the new design!More

Site and Blog Up and Running

The first version of the site has been completed. As can be seen, there are still some rough edges that need to be straightened out. For the most part, it has all the essential features in place and ready.

While we are waiting for Apple to approve Ultimate Mafia - Real World Land Wars and Winning 888, we are working on another title code named Green Tea.

Please check back with us soon! =]More
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